Since 1977, Paris has banned skyscrapers, but architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron have designed a triangular 50-story skyscraper. The shape, more like a shark fin, is designed for "optimum solar and wind power generation." The skyscraper, Le Project Triangle, will be a combination office-hotel. The big sell? Because of its design, it "won't cast shadows on surrounding streets." In Britain in 1832, if a window had sunlight for twenty years, according to planning regulations, it could legally demand to keep at least some of that light despite new buildings. Instead of a height-restriction on buildings, New York regulates the shape of building as to not block too much light. Source. Source.

Architect David Fisher has designed the first moving skyscraper for Dubai. There will be 80 floors, each a prefabricated apartment, that will be able to independently rotate 360 degrees at a vocal command. A rotation takes between one to three hours. The building will generate its own energy and feed extra energy into the grid with its "79 giant power-generating wind turbines located between each floor." The project will cost $700 million and be completed in 2010. The residences will cost anywhere from $3.7 million to $36 million. Another moving skyscraper is planned for Moscow. Source. Source.

Most foods are harvested then transported to stores, but Agata Jaworska believes that food should grow while being transported. Perishable items could grow during transportation and arrive at the store more fresh. Source.
The Touch Sight Camera is a camera for the blind. To take a picture, hold the camera to your forehead. On the back of the camera, the picture is displayed on a braille screen with a three dimensional representation of the image. Helpful audio is also included. Source.