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The Long Island funeral home chain, Moloney Family Funeral Homes, now offers the Tombstone Hearse. This is a custom hearse drawn by a Harley Davidson 2006 Road King Classic. A complete ride costs $795 compared to a traditional hearse's $475-$575. Says Michael Moloney: ""It's not morbid, it's cool. . . It's a way for people to always remember your funeral."
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Under Brazilian law, political candidates may run under a name of their choosing. This has allowed at least six Brazilian politicians to officially run under the name Barack Obama. Claudio Henrique dos Anjos, running for a mayoral position, has jumped in the polls from third to being tied for first.
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33-year-old Wisconsinite Wendy Brownis accused of felony identity theft. She is accused of "st[ealing] her 15-year-old daughter's identity" who lives in Nevada with her grandmother.

Wendy Brown attended one day of high-school classes, practiced with the cheerleading squad and attended a pool party at the coach's house. Staff described her as timid and said she cried when talking about moving from Pahrump Valley High School in Nevada (her daughter's school). A student, Hope Edlebeck, said, "She did look a little insignificantly older, but you didn't want to question it. . . You just go aw, alright, whatever."

"If convicted, she could face up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine." She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. She also fases unrelated theft and forgery charges.

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In October, 1999, Nicholas White, a thirty-four-year-old production manager at Business Week, was trapped in an elevator for forty-one hours. While working late, the elevator jammed on his way back to his office from a cigarette break. He only had three cigarettes and two Rolaids, no watch or cell phone. No one heard the emergency alarm he activated. While maintenance was performed on the other three elevators, he was not noticed on the security monitors so no one knew he was there.
Without a concept of time, Nicholas smoked his cigarettes, waved at the security cameras, yelled, pried open the doors and attempted to open the locked escape hatch.
"He paced and waved at the overhead camera. He couldn’t tell whether it was night or day. To pass the time, he opened his wallet and compared an old twenty-dollar bill with a new one, and read the fine print on the back of a pair of tickets to a Jets game on Sunday afternoon, which he would never get to use."
Thirsty and disconcerted, Nicholas lay motionless for hours in a fever dream, even experiencing aural hallucinations.
Finally, the security staff found Nicholas. Nicholas rode the elevator up to get his jacket, but insisted a guard ride with him. In the office, a coworker had taped a letter to his computer, angry at him for not returning. At home, reporters crowded his house so he mostly stayed in his apartment.
Nicholas did not return to work, was let go from his job and settled four years later for a "hardly six figures" number. As of April 08, he is unemployed.
Security-tape footage of his 41 hours are sped up and can be viewed here.



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