Arg! I am very very very sorry for neglecting to post recently. I have not fallen into a hole somewhere, I have just been really busy in a good way. This week is the busiest week I have had in a really long time. This post will be a re-posting of some posts from the first two months of this blog. I am sorry for this, but I promise to have an original post as soon as I have the time. Thank you for your patience.

Aya Tsukioka has started a Japanese clothing line aimed at those who fear crime. Featured above is a skirt which folds out to disguise the wearer as a vending machine. Also featured is a purse resembling a manhole cover and a backpack that can disguise a child as a fire-hydrant. Aya admits, " These ideas might strike foreigners as far-fetched, but in Japan, they can become reality.” She has already sold 20 skirts at $800 apiece.

Here are some odd street names:
      • Bear Bottom Dr - central Pennsylvania
      • Cowshit Ln. - central Pennsylvania
      • Imalone Rd. - northern Wisconsin
      • Zzyzx Rd. - California (how do you pronounce that?)
      • Horne Street intersects with E Church Street. - As Hormazd N Sethna said,
        "Telling someone you'll meet them at the, Horne-E Church Intersection is
        disturbingly provocative."
      • Grinn Drive and Barret Road intersect in West Chester, Ohio
      • Clinton and Fidelity intersect in Huston, Texas
      • In Tennessee, the only road leading up to Constipation Ridge is Farfrompoopen Road.
  • For pictures, go to

The world's longest acronym was found in the USSR:


Laboratory for Shuttering, Reinforcement, Concrete and Ferroconcrete Operations for Composite-monolithic and Monolithic Constructions of the Department of Technology of Building Assembly Operations of the Scientific Research Institute of the Organization for Building Mechanization and Technical Aid of the Academy of Building and Architecture of the USSR.

There was no gravestone for "Steady" Ed Headrick when he died. Instead, as he wished, his ashes were molded into Frisbees and given to his family. Known for his sense of humor, he quipped, "We used to say that Frisbee is really a religion — ‘Frisbyterians,’ we’d call ourselves. When we die, we don’t go to purgatory. We just land up on the roof and lay there."

  • In 2001, Doctors performed surgery on a 40-year-old Ethiopian man and removed 750 grams (26.344 ounces) of nails, door keys, hair pins and watch batteries. The man had 222 metal objects in his stomach and one of the nails was 15 cm (5.9 inches) long. Dr. Samuel said, " He must have been eating these objects for at least two years, as the wall of his stomach had thickened to accommodate all the inedible objects." -

  • Monsieur Mangetout has made a career out of eating metal objects and has no side-effects. For his performances, he drinks mineral water and then chows down 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of metal with periodic glasses of water. Perhaps he is best known for eating an entire airplane (Cessna 150-see picture above) which took him about 2 years to eat.

  • Ramon Barrero entertained others by playing on "the world's smallest harmonica." However, during a 1994 performance, he inhaled a D-minor, chocked to death and died.

  • When composer George Antheil's unique music inspired his audience in Budapest to riot, the next night he had all the doors locked and set a gun on the piano. That night he enjoyed a quiet performance, but with audiences often strongly disliking his new style of music, he began to carry a concealed gun for concerts. In his words, "I felt for the automatic under my arm and continued playing...but catastrophe and myself at concerts were old pals...Besides, I could always shoot my way out."

  • For more on Antheil and mp3s of his music, go to

What is 007's favorite drink? . . . Not a vodka martini. But that doesn't mean Bond doesn't like his alcohol. on the contrary, in the novels James Bond drinks once about every 7 pages and prefers whiskey, drinking 101 in all. For an in-depth survey go to


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Awesome facts I loved the Japense one best. Just wanted you to know I found my way back and so did my hubby of the Way I see It. Swing by sometime. Miss You. :)

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Awesome always. Yeah the Bond in the Fleming books is a lot grittier than the movies...

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I LOVE the acronym. I should name something after it, like our cat.
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Ramon Barrero entertained others by playing on "the world's smallest harmonica." However, during a 1994 performance, he inhaled a D-minor, chocked to death and died.

Classic...I hope YouTube is working out for you.

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There's a street in San Francisco called "Joost St.". I'm thinking Barry Bonds must live there.

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Feel good......

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Tsukioka's idea of the vending machine disguise was inspired by a trick used by Japan's ancient ninja, who cloaked themselves at night under black blankets. To be sure, some of these ideas, including the vending machine disguise, have yet to become commercially viable.

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