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Handcuffed and shackled, and fighting against strong winds, Jack LaLanne swam 1.5 miles, towing 70 boats with 70 people on it. . . he was 70 years old. LaLanne, called the Godfather of fitness, gave up white flour and white sugar at 15 and has been devoted to healthy living ever since. Among other things, he is responsible for the first"nationally syndicated exercise show on television." A firm believer in healthy living, he avoids steroids, takes a myriad of daily vitamins and even avoids aspirin. LaLanne will be 94 in September.
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In Detroit, this house was foreclosed and sold for $1. It was on the market for 19 days. Once selling for $65,000, the house had be extensively vandalized, had attracted squatters and had racked up $4,000 in back taxes. The house's bank owner payed "$2,500 in sales commission and another $1,000 bonus for closing the $1 sale [and payed] $500 of the buyer's closing costs. . . The agent did say that the buyer agreed to pay the full list price of $1"

Following Wilhelm Roentgen's discovery of the x-ray, one London company began selling x-ray proof underwear (probably lead-lined).

Tremayne Durham agreed to plead guilty to murder after Oregon prosecutors took the death penalty off the table, and agreed to his demand to have two special meals. He will immediately receive a meal of "KFC chicken, Popeye's chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, carrot cake and ice cream. " On his sentencing date (also his wedding-date), he will receive a meal of "calzones, lasagna, pizza and ice cream." "Prosecutors said they hated appearing to cater to the whims of a murderer, but eying the expense of a long trial and lengthy appeals, as well as the turmoil for the victim's family, they agreed."
PETA sent a letter protesting the conditions and demanding that Durham only be served vegetarian meals while incarcerated. The final paragraph of the letter reads, "Feeding prisoners corn chowder rather than chicken will go a long way toward ending the cycle of violence. You can help prevent Durham from contributing to any more suffering and death by mandating that he be placed on a healthy, humane vegetarian diet." The letter can be read here.
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satire and theology said...

Jack LaLanne was hilarious as he sold the Juice Tiger and 'squared off against' the JuiceMan Jay Kordich as they each had infomercials.

Which old guy was in better shape due to juicing, and which old guy had the better track suit?

They both had interesting and funny shows.

i beati said...

Look how young he is that prisoner - what a shame - We have one here who killed a police officer and is not yet 21.

Anonymous said...

And here all thi8s time everyone thought it was a bad home environment that caused crime...who'd of thunk it?

AY@tes said...

I think that if I were being charged with murder I would negotiate a better "prize" than what he got.

"I'll plead guilty if you drop the chrages."
"I'll plead guilty if you show me where Elvis lives."

Baba Doodlius said...

I gotta agree with the part about kiling, frying, and eating birds being a bad thing. Talk to birds, don't eat them!

odd facts said...

satire and theology: infomercials are hilarious period.
i beati: It is sad. That's awful young to ruin a life, but old enough to know better.
coopernicus: I know! You learn something every day.
ay@tes: I agree. I'd want a day with my family or something.
baba doodilius: Sorry to offend you. But fish is still OK, right?

Katman said...

so, if you refused to feed hm his demands, he may die of starvation. Problem solved!

That fit old dude may live to see his centenary, but by gosh, punishing your body every day to achieve it. Let me be a slob and die earlier a happy man!!

As for the x-ray proof underskids, trust us Brits of finding a way of smuggling contraband from the customs man!!

Casey said...

Hey, just thought I'd say I've been reading your blog and I LOVE it. I find random facts (some useless, most not) to be very interesting - a perfect way to blow inordinate amounts of time online. I'm truly amazed at the incredible things you've found to post on here. Thanks so much for telling me about it!

And, in case you're wondering, I'm the guy with the big camera you met at church in Asheville a month ago.

Oh, and also, that video you put on youtube - ABSOLUTELY hilarious. I laughed heartily throughout the entire thing. Clearly, you're really creative, and have an outstanding sense of humor!

odd facts said...

Casey: Hi! Thanks for reading. You are one of the few people who actually visit here after I give them the address. Kudos and thank you for your kind complements.
I like your description of yourself. Yes, I remember you, and yes, I remember your camera.
I hope you are doing well and school is going well for you.
Thanks again for visiting.

odd facts said...

katman: I don't think I could be so disciplined either. I avoid unhealthy food, but cutting out sugar altogether would be pretty difficult.

Katman said...

If God wanted us to cut out sugar, he would have made it taste like brussel sprouts or liver or something else like that from the devils pantry!

i beati said...

I have a big birthday next week I thought about eating 65 candy bars while trying to pull 65 pounds of you know what off the desk chair??

Baba Doodlius said...

Oh, yeah, fish are an entirely different matter! I'm not one, so go ahead and eat the bajeebers out of them. (A little "speciesist" of me, but what the hey.)

satire and theology said...

satire and theology: infomercials are hilarious period.

Tom Vu is my classic fav.:)