A very selfish post

All right! All right! I admit it! This is a very very selfish post. This blog has never been about me, but . . . I have finally succumbed to the evil empire of Youtube and have made my first (and most likely last) Youtube video. If you ===>CLICK HERE <===then you can finally be assured that this blog is not written by a seven foot tall bald vampire who has a minor stutter and an major nose hair problem. I would also really appreciate it. Be sure to comment here and there. Thank you.

To keep this post from becoming entirely narcissistic, here is a somewhat short list of things not related to me.

  • In the UK, the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is typically taken around age 16. One GCSE is taken per subject. In response to the English question, "Describe the room you’re sitting in," one student wrote, "f- off." Chief Examiner Peter Buckroyd decided to stick to the scoring guidelines and awarded the student 2 marks out of a possible 27. He commented: "It would be wicked to give it zero, because it does show some very basic skills we are looking for – like conveying some meaning and some spelling. . . . If it had had an exclamation mark it would have got a little bit more because it would have been showing a little bit of skill.” Source.
  • Japan now has three singing roads. Built by the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute and designed by Shizuo Shinoda, grooves are cut into the road at specific intervals which produce melodies when vehicles drive over them. "It works like the head of a record player on a vinyl album." Here is an English video explaining the roads, and here is a Japanese video with clips of the roads. The recommended speed is 28 mph (aprx. 45kph). One Japanese blogger advised, "Driving too fast will sound like playing fast forward, while driving around 12mph has a slow-motion effect, making you almost car sick." Source.
  • Here are two visual illusions to puzzle over: In the first illusion, both A and B are the same size. In the second illusion, are the two outer prongs rectangles or cylinders?


AY@tes said...

Oh my... I'm about 30 seconds into your video and I'm pissing myself. I will share it with the world.

On to your facts:

We have singing roads in Canada too! Only you have to stand still on a busy intersection and listen to the people in the stopped cars singing along with the radio. (Wait, there are people who listen to the radio?)

I'm going to contest that the two shapes in the first one are the same. Thats bullsh*t!

AY@tes said...

I take that back. The shapes are the same. Photoshop proved me wrong.

AY@tes said...

I really liked your video. It was quite insightful and amusing.

I didn't know you wore glasses or had blue eyes. (unless I'm colour blind) Heck, I just assumed you were either a robot or a cat.

(Yes, I realize that now I'm spamming your post.)

[I promise to leave your post alone in like 10 minutes. :-)]

odd facts said...

I'm glad you liked the video. It was so fun to make. I kept finding myself giggling for no apparent reason.
I like the idea of the Canadian singing roads. Very practical.
hehe. About the shapes. I had to trace them on my computer monitor to convince myself.
How about a robot cat? That would be even cooler!
Spam away!

Baba Doodlius said...

Singing roads. Nice. Next up: roads that take requests: "Hello road, I'd like to hear 'Sunshine of your Love' ".

AY@tes said...

Of course you were giggling lots while making it. You were drunk the entire time.

You should create a behind the scenes montage of you drinking booze while filming. That would be classic, and something VH1 would do. (I'm just basing my knowledge of VH1 on pop culture references since Canada is WAY too good to have access to it.)

You could be a robot cat. I would believe that. Then again, at this point, I'd just about believe anything.

InnerNinja said...

great video, you are a natural actress. i hope you come up with some more creative productions soon, i really enjoyed the eclectic sense of humor! let me know when/if you do another.

i dig the old school 3-pronged thing... makes me think of mad magazine for some reason.

odd facts said...

baba doodlius: Now I would travel to see that!
ay@tes: I haven't watched much Canadian TV, but it has one of my classic favorite TV shows- The Red Green Show. Duct tape- a handyman's secret weapon!
innerninja: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.
It still freaks me out every time I look at the prong thing.

AY@tes said...

Ms. Facts (if thats even your real name), Canadian TV rocks! There are excellent old tv shows out there that you should watch.

The Littlest Hobo

You Can't Do That On Television

Degrassi Jr High (none of that "New Generation" crap, though they did bring back alot of the cool people in the new show as teachers and parents (Joey, Snake, etc)

Danger Bay

I just noticed that there's only one show from the '90s there. You'd think that Canada hasn't produced any quality TV shows since the 80s... you're probably right. :)

i beati said...

singing roads how much more coolness can I stand??

i beati said...

That video caused me to have serious health reactions ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha

satire and theology said...

I think I am your first You Tube subscriber. You kind of look how I figured, in the age range and kind of 'artsy'. I do think if you post many videos you will take a lot more abuse on You Tube than on here, but you probably know that already. Some of it could get hurtful and some people are just brutal in comments. They have no blog to promote usually.

My latest features a short debate:


Baba Doodlius said...

By the by, I just got a chance to check out the video. I give it 2 wings up!

Anonymous said...

Guess which Aaron this is? Bingo, the same Aaron from WCA! I found you haha! Email me sometime I'll tell you what's all been happening with the Westminster folks! It's sjgoten6@yahoo.com. Cya!

odd facts said...

at@tes: Thanks, I'll check into those.
i beati: Serious health reactions? Oh no! (*sinister chuckle* "My plan is coming together!")
satire and theology: I left a comment on your blog.
baba doodilus: I had to think about that. :) Thanks.
aaron: *running off to write email*

The Scribe said...

Yeah, I didn't have to trace it, just compare corners, each corner is the same distance from its companion corner as any other corner (or any other point on the shapes). And so what can you determine from this? That I'm a nerd and need to spend my time doing better things than comparing distances between two points on random shapes in optical illusions online.

That having been said... "you could do a science experiment" -just wait, just wait...

odd facts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
odd facts said...

the scribe: If this is the scribe I think it is, "Hi!!!" If not, "Hi."
There is nothing wrong with being a nerd. As long as one doesn't wear a pocket protector every day.
I will wait!
p.s. Yes, I deleted my post. I grammar policed myself.

AY@tes said...

Ms. Facts: I saw both posts in my email, and well, what did you correct? Yes, I'm critiquing you're critique of yourself.

odd facts said...

I left out the second "as" in "As long as."
*is sternly tisk-tisk-ed by the ever-present and ever-vigilant grammar police*

AY@tes said...

Damn. You're pretty good grammar police. I even had the original and corrected versions and I couldn't find anything wrong with it.

... I'm scared that you read my mind dumps now.

Are you a professional "critiquer"? (Yes, I just made that work up.)

AY@tes said...

Wait... did that just say "after approval"? When did you change that?

Just thought I'd say hello, and wonder why you're still awake at midnight. Wait, you're somewhere in the mid-west or west or just plain far away, which means its like 2 in the afternoon or something.

(you don't have to approve this, actually, I strongly suggest not posting it as it has no importance to anything.)

odd facts said...

Thank you. Not a professional critic, just occasionally a perfectionist.
And yes, be afraid. Be very afraid! Sparta will burn to the ground!

odd facts said...

I changed that recently. I'm giving censorship a try. It also helps me be aware of comments so I can respond to them better. I'm also becoming paranoid. At least that is what the voices are telling me.

AY@tes said...

Censorship!? You're openly admitting that?

Though, I wish I could do the same thing on mine, only I'd screw with the comments that had been made already to make them funnier.

Yes, I am mean like that. ;)

Speaking of commenting, I should write something tonight.

odd facts said...

Wait?!!?!?!?! You can change people's comments!!!! Seriously?! *runs off and checks* I don't see how. Well there goes my evil plan.

AY@tes said...

Regrettably, I guess my English is just as bad as my grammar, as this feature doesn't exist though it would make for some interesting times to say the least.

Me: "Why did you call me a whore?"

Them: "I didn't call you a whore!"

Me: "Yes, you did, its right there in your comment."

See, the fun times that can be had?

odd facts said...

And that right there is why the feature doesn't exist!