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Lali was born in Saini Sunpura, India March 11, 2008 with a condition known as craniofacial duplication. This means she has one head but two faces. While her condition often brings serious health complications, doctors say she is doing well. (The most recent article I could find was from April 9th.)
Viewed as a reincarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga, "[u]p to 100 people have been visiting Lali at her home every day to touch her feet out of respect, offer money and receive blessings."
Daulat Ram, the village chief, plans to get governmental money for a temple dedicated to Durga and to assist Lali's family financially.
Lali's father, Vinod Singh says, "At first I was a little bit afraid, but then I accepted whatever God gives. . . . My daughter is fine - like any other child."
To see a video which includes Lali, her parents and villagers, click here.

Mark McGowan is a UK performance artist. Here are some of his works:

  • For two weeks, Mark stuck two chips up his nose, strapped 48 sausage to his head and sat in a bath of baked beans in defense of the British breakfast.
  • He ate approximately three bites of corgi (the dog breed favored by Queen Elizabeth II) to protest a fox hunt of Prince Phillip.
  • He crawled through New York on his hands and knees wearing a George Bush mask and a sign on his rear reading, "Kiss my ass."
  • He reenacted the Abu Ghraib human pyramid with six teenage girls.
  • Dressed as a British soldier, he lay curled up in the Birmingham City Center for one week.
  • He randomly keyed cars in Glasgow and South East London. 47 cars were keyed in total. Mark said, "I do feel guilty about keying people's cars[. B]ut if I don't do it, someone else will . . . They should feel glad that they've been involved in the creative process."
  • To draw attention to the "obesity pandemic," Mark put a 27 pound turkey on his head, walked backwards for eleven miles. Along the way he shouted at obese people.
  • In July 2005, Mark attempted to leave a tap of cold water running for one year, using 15 million liters of water (aprx. 3,299,539 gallons). Through this he hoped to comment on water waste. Following threats of legal action on the part of Tames Water, the tap was shut off on July 29th.
  • From a 2007 interview: "A common misperception of me is that I'm an idiot. Within the art world they definitely think I'm an idiot. I'm not sure if it's a misconception. I am interested in the idea of shame. A teacher told me at school, 'you're an idiot. You're stupid'. I wasn't very good at exams. Part of my art is to be portrayed as an idiot and to be seen as a fool. One of the things about shame is that when you do it in public it has a certain amount of power attached to it and you can use that power."
  • Source. Source. Source. Source. Source.


AY@tes said...

Mr. McGowan thinks he's an artist? I hate modern artists and sometimes performance artists, they put off this vibe that they have no discernible talent and instead have to rely on cheap tricks and gimmickry to get themselves noticed. If scratching a keying a car was art, then people wouldn't complain when it happened to their car.

I'd like to have two faces. As weird as that just sounded.

Lynda said...

What an interesting blog ! Great idea and fascinating to read all your 'odd facts' ...

Debbie said...

I'm not seeing the logic behind leaving a tap running all year as a comment on water waste. Isn't that sort of defeating the purpose? He probably didn't anger anyone but the enviros. Oh, and the Water Co. :)

odd facts said...

ay@tes: I usually don't get modern art or performance artists either. But you have to admit that being a performance artist would be a pretty nice job.
lynda: Thanks. :)
debbie: I personally think it was ridiculous too.

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

haha, oh my word. Mark sounds like quite the character, to say the least. I enjoyed reading about some of his but I'm not quite sure how I feel about the 'water waste' experiment and the 'keying' incident.

but you're blog is absolutely entertaining and informative, simultaneously.

thanks for commenting on my photo!

Katman said...

The guy isn't an idiot. But neither is he an artist. In my view, he's a political satyrist. There's nothing wrong with that either. I do not think breaking the law does anything for him tho apart from exposing a weakness in his capacity to argue a case responsibly.

This blog is absolutely fantastic. I'll be back regularly - like a bad smell :-)
Keep up the great work.

satire and theology said...

He crawled through New York on his hands and knees wearing a George Bush mask and a sign on his rear reading, "Kiss my ass."

A few may have kicked it.

Rebecca Hickman said...

What a turkey!

Grillman and Luna said...

Over here at G & L we think the world could use a few more "idiots" like Mister Mark and a few less Warriors. So there. Okay, so we're not really ranting about this -- no more rants, puh-leese -- but if the guy stirs people to think about where they are and what they are doing (usually so unconscious of their OWN idiocy) then we say, let's have a laugh and then think, maybe even reflect.

We've got a really great gang of folks just down the road from us who get together once a year, on the first of May, at a ruined castle in the middle of nowhere and wait for time travelers from 50,000 years hence to show up. We admire that. Here's their website. Don't reject what you haven't considered:


G & L

i beati said...

art for arts sake

Anonymous said...

He got one thing correct. He IS an idiot. When did insanity become performance art???

odd facts said...

don't sweat it: I would be mad if it was my car. And thank you.
katman: I welcome bad smells!
satire and theology: hehehehehe
rebecca hickman: :)
grillman and luna: Thanks for the link. Fascinating.
i beati: Hmmm
coopernicus: No idea.