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In Detroit, plans are made by architect Steven Flum to convert shipping containers into a $1.8 million, 17 unit condominiums. The units will be between 90 to 180 square meters (approximately 262 to 590 square feet) and will range from $100,000 to $190,000. The containers will be stacked four high and will have balconies, patios, windows, doors, plumbing, heating and stairways. Source.

However, using shipping containers for housing is nothing new. This is a
n Atelier Workshop’s Port-a-Bach. This house can be rolled into place and folded out to accommodate two adults and two children. Source.

Here is Leger Wanaselja Architecture's two bedroom house overlooking San Francisco. The house uses three containers and a glass atrium. Source.

Adam Kalkin, maker of the quick house, designed this nifty shipping container cafe. Source.

"Global Peace Containers" is a non-profit organization interested in using shipping containers to build housing and facilities in poorer countries or for emergency relief. Here is a school they built in Jamaica and a house they built in Atlanta, Georgia. Source. Source.

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Baba Doodlius said...

I've actually seen several articles about this subject recently. Hard to imagine they'd be comfortable to live in, but you can't argue with the sturdiness.

By the by, thanks for the link! You are a cool human. I'll check out your other links as well.

satire and theology said...

A creative idea, but not much room.

AY@tes said...

I don't know that I'd be comfortable living in such a confined and small space. Plus, the though of putting my bed in the corner where a hobo might have taken a leak is quite disturbing.

odd facts said...

baba doodilus: Sure. I have been neglecting my blog a lot and failed to notice that other people were linking to me.
satire and theology: "2 adults and 2 children?" Have fun on rainy days.
ay@tes: I...hadn't thought of that, but I will now.

AY@tes said...

Ms. Facts: It takes a sharp and unique mind to think of the things that I come up with. (Its a talent. Trust me.)

odd facts said...

ay@tes: Oh I do. I suffer from being a genius myself. ;)

i beati said...


odd facts said...

i beati: I take it you aren't ready to buy one?

Anonymous said...
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