BBC bits

Thanks to BBC for all of these little tidbits:

  • Since its release in 1969, it has been said that the children's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has sold one copy every minute. Source
  • According to the biography Room Full of Mirrors, Jimi Hendrix pretended to be gay so that he would be discharged from the army. Source
  • According to a 2005 British survey, 1 in 6 children think that broccoli is a "baby tree." Source
  • At Eton, Georgic is a punishment involving copying hundreds of lines of Latin poetry. Source
  • To preserve flavor, rhubarb is best harvested in dim light. Candlelight is good. Source
  • In 2007, women in India protested over being asked their "detailed menstrual history" when applying to become a civil servant. Source
  • Names considered for the Compact Disck (CD) included "Mini Rack, MiniDisc, and Compact Rack." Source


AY@tes said...

Funny they should mention the "Little Tree" comment. A friend of mine would always hear this from her mother: "eat your trees little beaver." as motivation to eat her broccoli. It was so awesome we made fun of her for ages.

R.E.H. said...

Mini Rack... Compact Rack... hehe - that would've been a good name! *giggles*

What I really don't get here... is it true about rhubarb? And, if so, does anyone actually harvest these things by the light of a candle?

satire and theology said...

Philosophically, I do not support government ownership of broadcast media, but have to admit the BBC is first rate.

Grillman and Luna said...

Brocoli IS a baby tree.

Isn't it?


(tastes like one anyway, except when Luna fixes it . . .

i beati said...

#1 incredible

InnerNinja said...

i bought a copy of the little caterpillar... great book. my little nephew likes it better than the bible so far.

odd facts said...

ay@tes: yes. cute, but embarrassing.
satire and theology: plus they make good shows
grillman and luna: I like my broccoli raw!!!
i beati: Makes me wish I had the idea
innerninja: Makes me wish even more that I had the idea

odd facts said...

r.e.h.: To quote from the article: The rhubarb on Janet Oldroyd's farm is grown outdoors for 2 years then mooved indoors to grow in darkness. She says: "You have got to keep it dark for the flavour. Dim candlelight is perfect."