• According to the Nanguo Morning News, 55-year-old factory worker Wei Mingtang's ears leak air. Thus, with the aid of a pipe, and using only his ears, he can inflate balloons and blow out candles. Source
  • If you are ever in Alexandria, Indiana, visit the Carmichaels who have spent the last 31 years applying 20,500 coats of paint to a baseball. The baseball now weighs over 2,300 pounds. Source
  • Allegedly, 1 in every 18 people have a third nipple which often looks like a mole or freckle. Source


R.E.H. said...

There's a party trick for you. Blow up balloons with your ears!

I thought the third nipple thing was exlusive to "Friends" ;)

i beati said...

3 nipples come on - oh well. some baseball why I wonder??always a hoot

odd facts said...

ibeati: Exactly, why? 31 years on a baseball!? Must be dedicated.

r.e.h.: I wish it was a party trick I could do. Although one time, several years ago, I exhaled through my eyeballs. It freaked me out and I have never been able to do it again.