Guilt over blog-neglect is a great motivator

  • Meet Louis, the 6-foot Octopus. He was given his Mr. Potato Head toy for Christmas, and loves it so much that he "turns aggressive when aquarium staff try to remove it from his tank." Source.
  • The Spanish town of Pulpi made a really big salad in September 2007. Dimensions: 20 cooks, over 3 hours prep time, 59 by 15.7 ft container, 14,740 pounds of vegetables. The salad was served free-of-charge in Pulpi's restaurants. Source
  • Jody Powell and Kenneth Donnell won tickets to a Hannah Montana concert by keeping one hand on a 12-foot, 400 pound statute of Hannah for 6 days. They received catered meals and were allowed one 12 minute break every 3 hours. There were 20 contestants who participated. Winner-Powell says: "It's like a dream come true." Source


Karen said...

And to think I paid $800 a piece for Hannah Montana tickets. I could have just stayed awake for 6 days. Dang!

R.E.H. said...

I've always wondered how people can feel full after eating nothing but a salad... but serve me up a Pulpi Special salad, and I'm not sure I could even finish the thing ;)

A 12 minute break every three hours... ah - easy ;)

odd facts said...

karen: $800. Yikes!
r.e.h.: "a 12 minute break every three hours" -- I would die. Or burst. Or both.

40 Forever said...

Me gusta la ensalada. Y ahora tengo hambre.
Good research!

Sandy Kessler said...

#3 help!!

odd facts said...

40 forever: Si!
Sandy Kessler: I imagine twilight zone music playing.