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  • Lynda and David Taylor were separating after three years of marriage, and Lynda was upset when David refused to give her half of the money and the house. So she took her revenge. She sprayed perfume on herself and her daughter. She sprayed Lysol and bug killer around the house. She burned scented candles. She plugged in scented air fresheners. And she emptied lavender sachets. While this may not seem all that severe, Lynda was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. You see, David had multiple chemical sensitivity, and her actions caused him to be "very ill with severe brain fog, headache, numbness and trembling and pain throughout [his] body so severe [he] could barely move." Before this incident, his condition had earned him $150,000 in worker's compensation. Source.
And a big Thank you to the ever-gracious Rusin Roundup for this award. I have to admit, I really like it because I like pirates, and the pictures has a bit of a pirate-y air. I always have a hard time trying to decide who to pass awards on to, so I chose people I hadn't awarded or tagged before. Thus, I would like to pass this award on to:
  • Grillman and Luna for flattering my vanity with a lovely welcome to their blog, and teaching me about Santa.
  • AY@tes for making me double-check every time I write his screen-name and earning an impressive 99% nerd score. (I only scored an 80%).
  • And I Beati because I was not feeling very cheerful today, and the cute pictures on her blog made me melt into a pile of simpering goo.


Grillman and Luna said...

Awards. Awards made the Cowardly Lion feel a whole lot better, and yours sure gives everyone here at Grillman and Luna Dot Com a big lift today. We will all work a lot harder, think more clearly . . . As our amateur aviator Santos Dumont always says, Why walk when you can fly?

i beati said...

Those were fun places for me to visit. Thank you for the award/ I was running on ner empty..You are a treasure alsoI want to link may I?

R.E.H. said...

Congrats on the award!

This woman has to be the only woman in the world charged with aggravated assault in which the weapon used was perfume, and sceneted candles...

Azzitizz said...

Just popped over before the madness of the next few days, to wish you and yours a fantastic Christmas and a happy and healthy 2008.

AY@tes said...

An award? A real award? YAY YAY YAY YAY! I will treasure it always.

Its sad that the lady in your story had to use perfume against her husband in the divorce... next time someone should use a shotgun.

kasper794 said...

Thats the first I heard of a battery charge with perfume. Creative I must say.

You are very welcome for the award you deserve it.