Artist Karl-Friedrich Lentze is planning on opening the world's first brothel for dogs. Stationed in Berlin, the brothel will charge $32 and will include Lentze's Jack Russel Tarrier acting as the door-dog. Lentze sees it as art: "It's a form of satire that criticizes society. I used to paint and create sculptures, this is just the next step."

Other artistic endeavors of his include:

  • He sued the Easter Bunny for causing addiction to chocolate. Lentze said: "The Easter Bunny is a sadistic and unscrupulous offender who preys on people's sweet tooth."
  • He got permission from the Bonn city council to be buried with a biodegradable inflated sex doll.
  • He applied for a patent for his devise to straighten bananas. He explained it as: "Depending on the degree of the curve, chunks will be cut out of the banana, which will then be bound back together using biologically safe bandages.
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kasper794 said...

That is strange but I enjoyed reading it. You find the coolest stuff to post . keep it up.

R.E.H. said...

Why the hell would he want to be buried with an inflatable love doll???

AY@tes said...

He sued the Easter Bunny? I wonder if he won... though the E.B. probably didn't show up to court and now there is a make-beleive warrant out for his arrest.

coltfan said...

that guy should run for president of the united states , He as big a nut job as they are lmao