Alfred Mansbridge, a 69-year-old retired milkman, started being woken up in early mornings by a ghostly voice saying, "I won't take the lift down." Despite searching, he could not find the source of the noise nor did anyone else, including his neighbors, ever hear the voice. To prove that he was not crazy, Alfred tape recorded the voice and discovered that it spoke to him just before 2 AM every day. While the story made Paranormal News and Alfred lost much sleep, he insisted that there was a rational explanation. He was rewarded when the local environmental health staff finally found a novelty Spider-Man watch in the cupboard under the stairs. His five-year-old great-niece had left it there, and every day at 1:55AM it had dutifully played a film catchphrase.


kasper794 said...

Oh now that is just too funny! LOL.

AY@tes said...

Thats just great! I wish that I had something stashed secretly in my house making random noises.

Although, I'm sure that there are several of my favorite toys trapped underneath the vanity in the bathroom. I have spent years arguing with my father over that fact.