Liquid Ham

The Seattle-based Jones Soda Co. takes pride in the taste of its flavors being accurate. This may not always be a good thing. While they do sell traditional soda flavors, they also offer some odd soda packs.

Thanksgiving pack: Green Pea, Sweet Potato, Dinner Roll, Turkey and Gravy, and Antacid

Seattle Seahawks pack: Perspiration, Dirt, Sports Cream, Sweet Victory and Natural Field Turf

Hanukkah pack: Latke, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Coins and Jelly Doughnut

Christmas Pack: Christmas Ham, Christmas Tree, Egg Nog and Sugar Plum

And best yet, because their Hanukkah and Christmas packs are both zero-calories and certified kosher, you can drink a no-calorie kosher Ham for Christmas this year.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great gift idea for that someone a little strange. But I'm not sure I want to drink dirt or natural field turf sodas.

odd facts said...

For me, the irony of Kosher Ham is the best.