Free time to waste?

Fun Randomly Generated Websites
  • Here is a zany random compliment generator. Sample: "You mutter such objects of equine delight that the mind's ability to sew slices of mordant ivory becomes tamed with visions of Tamsils in Constantinople."
  • Here, you can be insulted by Shakespeare. Sample: "Thou misbegotten motley-minded fustilarian!"
  • Here is a site which gives you 20 random words at a time. You can choose their first two letters. Sample included: "proffelewondered, rosy and man."
  • Here is a random name generator. You can choose the name's origin and gender.
  • And Here is a wonderful site with random words, random phrases where you can specify the parts of speech and commonness of the words, random sentences and random paragraphs where you decide the subjects. Sample sentence: "The oxygen doubts the chopped wrath."


~Angela~ said...

That surrealist compliment generator just made my morning. It told me I have not yet reached the height of my depravity.

odd facts said...

That is hilarious! And so comforting too.