art and background music

Do you have some time to spend gazing in adoration while listening to ethereal music? At this website, you can view The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in 16 billion pixels and clearly see sections of the masterpiece as little as one millimetre square. If it strikes your fancy, you can also view Vita Di Cristo by Gaudenzio Ferrari or La Gloria Di Sant'ignazio.


40 Forever said...

I think you would be a fantastic librarian. You obviously like research; you write well; you are tech savvy, and I'll bet you are fun to work with!

odd facts said...

Thank you! I appreciate that. I am fairly fun to work with. :)

Anonymous said...

I find this very interesting. I agree with 40 forever - you would make a fantastic librarian. Can you tell me what is the background music in Vita Di Cristo by Gaudenzio Ferrari or La Gloria Di Sant'ignazio?

odd facts said...

Thanks. I'm actually applying to some schools. About the background music. For some reason I had to fix the link to La Gloria Di Sant'ignazio, so sorry if that didn't work for you. But here are the songs:

1. Last Supper:

Swingle Singers
J. S. Bach - Largo dal "Concerto per clavicembalo in Fa minore"
(album 'Keyboard Classics')

2. Vita de Cristo:

W.A. Mozart - Lacrimosa from Requiem
Performed by Concertkoor Haarlem, Nederland

3. La Gloria Di Sant'ignazio:

A. Vivaldi - Gloria in D major, RV589 Gloria in excelsis Deo
Performed by Corale di San Gaudenzio - Gambolò, Italy
Conductor Giovanni Maestrone

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thx for the music it is simpy beautiful an has really helped me with some things I had to do. Thx again and congradulations on the great work.

odd facts said...

No problem. Glad to help.

Anonymous said...

I would give everything i had to be there at that last supper, to know what really happined that day, and the days following it.