tierd arms

Picture by Sheila Rock
In Vienna, after playing the Moor of Venice in the opera Othello, Placcido Domingo received 80 minutes of solid clapping and took 101 curtain calls.

Recommended: To hear him sing, listen to http://www.musicremedy.com/p/Placido_Domingo/videos/TAmo_Piu-5483.html

To read more about him, check out http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/40730923.


Steven Yoo said...

I tried to listen the song twice, but it errors. I am not sure it's my firefox(web browser) problem or the source file problem.

Today, there was nothing special in the class.

I'm going to take academic calss next semester. Do you know about the Proessor Pethybridge? I can only take her class in four academic classes because of other major courses.

odd facts said...

I'm sorry about the song not working for you. It works perfectly on my computer. And no, I don't know anything about that Professor. I think I've figured out my schedule too. I just have to meet with my advisor.

Steven Yoo said...

Maybe it's my computer's problem.
Can you ask how she is to some of your friends who know the professor? Her class is the only academic writing which fits on my schedule. I don't want to take an academic writing from Prof.Pesch who are teaching my basic writing course. I talked to my advisor today ^^

I know some good English professors but they don't hold an academic writing next semester.