selling a life

One day, John Freyer sold almost everything he owned on e-bay, keeping only enough to fit in his car trunk. Among the items sold were his sideburns in a plastic bag, an opened box of taco shells, not-yet-given family Christmas presents, a bag of pork skins, a bowling belt buckle, a half-used bottle of mouthwash and 27 spoons. Then he visited many of his old belongings. He even has a book. To see more, go to


Steven Yoo said...

The way you write does not sound like writing on the blog. It more sounds like article. It can be because you take an objective view when you write or it is just because I don't understand English much. ^^;

Can you see new comments regardless of where I post it?

Thanks for the homeworks.

Today, I am playing withe the RSS Feeds.

odd facts said...

Thank you. I try to make it sound like an article. And you really good at English. Honestly!
I have blogspot email me every time someone comments.
RSS!? That still confuses me. Good luck.