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Have you ever thought about how much people pay for their "sponsored links" on Google searches?

If you went to Google, typed in "mesothelioma treatment options" and clicked on a "sponsored link," you would be costing the advertiser $69.10. "Mesotheliona risk" pulls a close second at $66.46 per click. And a surprising third most expensive, "personal injury lawyer Michigan." (In case you are wondering, mesotheliona is a cancer caused by inhaling asbestos. )

"Brittney Spears Nude" goes for a mediocre 21 cents.

Speaking of odd keywords, "linguistics" is currently the fifth most searched keyword. Who would have guessed? (This website is updated in real time, so it might have changed by now.)


Steven Yoo said...

This is what you explained last time. Interesting. I knew that if I have a google ad on my blog and many people click the ad, I can earn some money; but I didn't know that it costs sponsors.

In the most popular web search engine in Korea, Naver(, the top 10 current popular searches are shown on the right whenever you search something. Sometimes, it shows related lists of popular searches.

odd facts said...

That's cool. I think it is really interesting to see the popular searches. It really gives you insight on pop culture.