Odd sports

  • On October 13, 2007, spectators will gather in Toronto for the 2007 World Championship games of...rock, paper, scissors? Said Rolling Stone magazine: "The World Rock Paper Scissors Championships is like a high-stakes Star Trek convention except with binge drinking and better looking women." To see the official promo video go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1bWXvS8TYY&eurl=

  • A hole in one golf tournament sounds way too easy. The catch: the hole is almost 3 miles away, they tee-off a mountain and the hole is a fifty-foot dirt patch. The scores range from 75 to an amazing 9 and the participants are allowed 10 balls and 3 spotters. http://www.hiltonopen.com/Elfego.htm

  • What could be better than a boat race, on dry land in Australia? In Henley-On-Todd, one can paddle (ie shovel) you boat along rails for a race, yacht race with a crew of 10 and many other events. To read all about it, go to http://www.henleyontodd.com.au/default.php.


Anonymous said...

I would call these extremely extreme sports, well at least the boat race on dry land and the golf tournament.

odd facts said...

I agree. However, you might get a hand cramp from rock, paper, scissors.