I will never understand some art

  • Samuel Beckett wrote the 35 second play Breath. The one page script decribes a debris filled stage filled with faint light, then stronger light, then faint light again. Also included is a faint human cry, a human breath and another faint human cry. Rather unsuprisingly, Petherbridge, who brought the play to London, descibes the audience's reaction as "respectful silence" or "uncontrollable mirth." http://samuel-beckett.net/Londoners_gasp.htm

  • Marcel Duchamp created the piece Fountain by signing a urinal "R. Mutt." In 2004, it was voted the 20th century's most influential artwork. >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain_%28Duchamp%29


infiel said...

Marcel Duchamp was more than what you may see in this work, although this work is quite important and unique, he made things of great complexity.

The purpose was to remove things from its own usefullness, removing them out of context, and, once descontextualized, he gives another meaning to the piece itself. La Fountaine was the perfect work to make people understand this way of expression, it does look like a water font, but everyone know it is a urinol. I think it is genious.

odd facts said...

If it was voted the 20th century's most influential artwork, he must be an influential artist. I don't doubt that. I just find modern art a bit odd, personally. I can understand the concepts behind it, but I get lost in the actual art.