Hungry and Broke

Are you hungry and have money to spend? Why not have a look at my specialized menu of most expensive food?




And not to put a damper on the party, but this month (Oct 2007), a 52 year old man living in urban Japan starved to death. His last words in his journal: "3 a.m. This human being hasn’t eaten in 10 days but is still alive. I want to eat rice. I want to eat a rice ball.”


Steven Yoo said...

This is very neat blog.
They use javascript which I never learned. Maybe I should find another way to terror your blog.

'Animal Farm' is also famous in Korea. I read it when I was young so I didn't know it was about communism. My Korean friend brought it here so I think I am going to later since I can read it anytime.

I am trying to get you a book by Amelie Nothomb who is one of my favorite authors. However, the book that I like the most does not seem like that it is translated in English but other books are. All of her books are translated in Korean and I bought most of her books. Books are not expensive in Korea.

So...Thank you for the list. You are so kind person. Can I ask you another favor(again?!!)? Can you bring some stables like one or two rows? I am running out of it. It's a waste of money to buy one pack which contains a lot of stables. Definitly I cannot use it even half of it.

I will let you know if I make a blog here or if I find a way to terror your blog.

odd facts said...

I'm so glad you visited and commented. You just made my day! Amelie Nothomb sounds really neat. And, yes, I will bring some on Monday.

Anonymous said...

How Sad, but how true in today's world.

odd facts said...

I agree. I may splurge on some things, but this would just be too much for my conscious.

Anonymous said...

I thought food at the grocery store was getting expensive. This is definitely way beyond my budget.

Steven Yoo said...

I'm glad, too. Ood Facts.
How do you spell your name?
The last picture is a simliar image that I saw in a Japanese movie.

Do you know that the picture of the map, which shows where he lives, indicates the sea between Corea(This is how I spell but I am not a patriot, though) and Japan as Sea of Japan. I am sad. We, Coreans, call the sea, Donghae.

odd facts said...

Really? That's interesting. "Donghae" Oh, I'm probably pronouncing it all wrong. Maps are funny things. They typical world map that Americans use makes Europe and America look bigger than they should be.

Anonymous said...

What can we do about this - and other such situations??

odd facts said...

Honestly. When I think about the overwhelming problem, I can't think of where to start.