handy skirt!

Aya Tsukioka has started a Japanese clothing line aimed at those who fear crime. Featured above is a skirt which folds out to disguise the wearer as a vending machine. Also featured is a purse resembling a manhole cover and a backpack that can disguise a child as a fire-hydrant. Aya admits, " These ideas might strike foreigners as far-fetched, but in Japan, they can become reality.” She has already sold 20 skirts at $800 apiece.


Steven Yoo said...

How come you find these odd articles so well?! How many articles do you read? -_-

Hey, I'm in trouble. I have a hold in my health form and they don't let me register until Nov 29 in which I can complete my health form with another shot record of MMR. Today, I talked to my academic advisor, associative dean and Robbie in health center but none worked.

It's not easy to live in a place where I don't have any friend and power to pull.

Anyway, I want that vending machine!! It's cool! I want to wear in Halloween!!!

odd facts said...

I don't quite know how I find these articles. I read the NY Times, USA Today and St. Louis Post Dispatch a lot and get good ideas from them. Maybe once a week I surf the internet with random key words and visit blogs. I then bookmark anything cool and go thru my bookmarks when I need an idea.
I'm so sorry for the health form thing. I am able skip getting the shots because I fill out a form saying that I reaserched the vaccine and don't want to take it. I wish that i could help you, but I really don't have much power on campus either.
I want to be a vending machine for Haloween too!

Steven Yoo said...

It's good for you to read all those articles. I used to read newspapers when I was in Korea and talk about different kinds of topics with friend s and parents. It was always interesting that they have very different points of views. It helped me to understand things a lot.

Ah! I forgot to say that have a happy Halloween day. I was too sleepy and confused about the contents after the class. Did you try the Chinese tea? My package from Korea arrived; if you like a green tea, I can give some green tea.

Why didn't you let me know your secret method to skip getting shots!!!!!!! It's cool!!!! I should have tried that one!! You, genius!
I talked a professor who holds a academic writing next semester and he said he would put me in the class although the class is filled up. I am going to talk to another professor too for Intro to Speech(I don't like 8:00 am class, though)

Are you going to give me a candy if I go to your house to do a trick and treat? I've never done it!!

odd facts said...

Happy Halloween too. I have been so busy that I forgot it was Halloween until my first class of the day. And no, you wouldn't have got any candy. On Haloween, my family lites the house with candles and hides from trick-or-treaters.
I was confused about that lecture too. It didn't make much sense.
I have yet to try your tea. I have been drinking some of my mom's tea. You have a runny nose, you drink the tea and in about a half-hour your runny nose is gone. I am looking forward to drinking the tea though.
And yes, I am a genuis! ;)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny!

Baba Doodlius said...

Well that's great until you happen upon a mugger who wants a Coke.

odd facts said...

Or a mugger who lifts up manhole covers looking for money. Or a mugger who is looking for a fire-hydrant.