Funny quotes

More of amusing quotes than odd facts, but I couldn't help myself. All of these appear in the reviews of the Oct 12th edition of the NY Times.

  • The performances tend to deliver the airless, self-consciously synthetic dialogue like untutored violinists dutifully sawing away to the steady tick-tock of a metronome." (Sleuth)

  • In the actor's case...[it seems] as if he has chosen to interpret grief as a form of petrification. His elbows and shoulders stiffen, and he lumbers across the sets like a Frankenstein monster...Mr Grey, meanwhile, strides manfully into a thicket of cliches and heavy grandiosity." (We Own the Night)

  • The movies explicit sex scenes earned it a NC-17, but put me more in mind of high school geometry." (Lust, Caution)

  • You could imagine her soothing customers through the speakers at Starbucks." (St. Vincent)

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