Anonymous said...

No wonder people say the cocroach will be one of the last living things on earth if we were destroyed by nuclear bombs. And as for the 2 and a half pound cocroach, keep that thing away from me. These must be the animals from hell.

odd facts said...

It would actually make a perfect horror movie. Forget the flesh-eating zombies, giant cockroaches would sure scare me a lot more.

Steven Yoo said...

Odd facts, I didn't write down my homeworks. Which questions should we solve? I asked Zack last night when he came to my room to hang out, but he went to church without letting me the homework questions.

I made a blog too. However, there are some functions that I want to add, like trackback and calendar. Also I want change my templete too. I think I am going to add when I feel like.

Do you write everything here or copy it from somewhere?

It will be much convenient if there is a button to edit each writing beside the comment link.

odd facts said...

Homework is 4.3 8,10,14,16,23 and 24.

I write everything on my blog. No copying.

Sounds cool about your blog. I don't know much about blogging. But that is why Google was invented!

日月神教-任我行 said...
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