Bubble Wrap!!!

Do you love the sound of bubble wrap? For $59, you can pre-order a pack of 5 PuchiPuchi Virtual Bubble Wrap toys. For that essential element of surprise, every 100 "pops" there is a random nose like a sexy voice or a fart.

To preview the popping sounds, go to http://www.asovision.com/putiputi/. And preview their ad with a catchy song at http://www.asovision.com/putiputi/movie.html. One of their promotion pictures is translated above.

To see lots of unique inventions coming from Japan including canned bottled water and home seismographs, go to http://www.kilian-nakamura.com/blog-english/index.php/category/gadgets-toys-trends-technology-japan-tokyo-shibuya/
I have to admit, as odd as I find this whole bubble wrap thing to be, I secretly want one.

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