Why this topic?

Here they are:

  • The other day my Dad turned to me and said, "You are really rather morbid." I don't know what gave him that impression. Maybe it was because I was giggling over a list of people who died laughing. Whatever the case, I am a bit morbid, curious and enjoy a good laugh. Uncovering odd facts to weird others out with is just good plain fun.
  • I get tired of reading reoccurring news stories, celebrity news and boring history textbooks. Life is so much more interesting than that. There are so many interesting tidbits to collect. Florence Nightingale might appear dry in history books, but the lady kept a small pet owl in her pocket! There are about 6 billion people on the planet. They might all find their own life trivial, but there is bound to be something to laugh about. For example, my life might look boring to an observer, but I find it damn interesting!

These may not be the most convincing reasons for you, but they work for me.

  • What are your reasons?


Anonymous said...

I agree that if you can't laugh at life, it's discustinly boring and dull.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your morbidity gave you a blog topic.

odd facts said...

You've got to love morbidity!

odd facts said...

And you either laugh or cry.