Some books I love

For those of you interested in odd facts, here are some books to get you started:

  • Oddballs and Eccentrics

This was my first book of odd facts. This book looks at the lives of eccentric people and dedicates about a paragraph to each of them. For example, Duke Charles Seymour (1662-1748) was so stuck up that he built houses on the road between his two main houses to avoid mingling at inns and only used sign language with his servants to avoid talking to them.

  • The New Book of Lists: the original compendium of curious information

A recent buy. The entire book is in list format. Samples of lists are: 5 body parts named after Italians, 13 art riots, 10 funguses that changed history, 9 people who died laughing, and 11 mammouth cheeses. From the "List of the oddest items found at London's transport lost property office" comes a double bed, an ash filled urn and a vasectomy kit.

  • The book of general ignorance

A good book even if some of the answers are a little picky (There are only 46 US states because 4 are officially commonwealths). The book takes a common misconception and proves it false. For example, the common belief is that the Great Wall of China can be seen from the moon, but it can only be seen in space along with other man-made creations. Nothing man-made can be seen from the moon.

So there you go, some books to make you the oddest person at a party. Hope you enjoy.

  • Feel free to add any books of odd facts that you like.

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